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This is not right... someone will get hurt. 

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Great video.  It totally "tells the truth!"

Looks like the bike & parking lane on westbound Cortland at Elston at 5PM.

Here's more wholesomeness despite wrong way riders and careless pedestrians. 

Wasn't the original plan for more green paint and bollards in the area?  Not that these will help if people aren't abiding by the rules of the road, and the design is inherently flawed, but does anybody know if the designers are calling the job complete?  

I ran across this again.  It is possible that with all the cross-over happening and the bumping we're aware of, that someone will take a more aggressive approach with the city about it.  My point isn't to agree or disagree with the merits of the Portland lawsuit, but rather observe that others may take this approach.

Remember this thread? Wow.  Does this drawing look a little familiar?

It's worth considering that certain advocates and the "experts" in bicycle infrastructure design may not actually be expert at it, and that the training or education they may have may be based on fundamentals that are deeply flawed.  In part the design hopes to head off the right hook at the intersection, however, like on Randolph, the mixing zone moves the problem upstream to where the speeds are higher, and the blind spot encounter opportunities are made all the more probable.   


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