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I am selling my spot for transportation from Chicago to the starting point and from the finish line back to Chicago through Bicycle Illinois for $275 or best offer. The spot can be transferred via email. 

Please let me know if you are interested. 

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Why are you trolling?

If you didn't want to buy it, you didn't need to comment. Let her sell it to whomever might want or need it.

As you can see, this is a "Marketplace" post so to Will's point, this post isn't about determining a route or a RAGBRAI alternative, it's about Cheryl finding someone to buy her transportation because she can't go to RAGBRAI. You've been quite comfortable disagreeing and providing your contrary opinions on many posts before. This just isn't really the place for that type of commentary. There are many "where should I ride to on vacation posts" that would be a better fit for the recommendations you are providing. 

I'll get right on that and tell my team to cancel Saturday's bus and switch to Amtrak. ;-)



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