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Last night when I did my coffee stop at Dunkin next door to my house, some random guy in the store starting blaming me for an abandoned tall bike locked up on Church Property just a few blocks away from me, really quite aggressive and rude I wish to add. So, I talked to the pastor this morning. It has been there for over a month not moving, looking ratty and aggrivating the locals. The Church folk are planning to remove it, SOON. Normally I would not care, but because I am the most visable freakbike in the hood around here. Foster/Broadway. I know most people will assume it belongs to me. This makes me look inconsiderate and thus look Badly in the community. If this bike belongs to you, please come get it and move it. Descrip: BROWN taller mens Varsity Frame with girls frame on top. Pretty ratty, some ticker tape stuff wrapped on top frame. I'd hate to see someone lose this bike just because of a little neglect. If it is yours, please send me a note.

Now my real question(s) are .... Do I cut the lock and bring it home and wait for someone to claim it ? Or do I let it get taken and junked never to be seen again ? It is quite ridable and intact. Either way it is going to be gone within a week. Personally, I despise bike theives. I get angry when people strip bikes and all that is left eventually is a frame. I think the stolen bike registry and bike stings are totally cool. 

So ...  am I acting in everyones best interests (including my own) or would this action make me a common thief. I am not worried about police because they like me around here and I am not really trying to steal it. I am not applying this question to any other type of scenario involving an abandoned bike, just this particular situation and how other people in the bike community percieve this as I am only attempting to resolve a situation.

Reasonable, perspective or entertaining Comments welcome (but please keep any insults via private message please) - Thanks

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Hi, like I said before several times. That bike makes me look bad. People think it belongs to me. No one likes it. It reflects on me because I live not very far from that location. I really think I've made that clear. The video is of pure entertainment value. I used to like to do video stuff and am feeling the need. Does it bother you when you watch a TV show or movie where there is some sort of stupid confrontation ? Cops or Cheaters, etc ..... Also, this not a personal question of ethics but a sort of census of how the general community feels. I have the choice if I will follow it or not. I feel like I have found a good way around it without breaking the law. Also, this is not a public spectacle any more than any other post on Chainlink. Both of us come across pretty harsh sometimes and do not filter ourselves. How are your posts any different than my own except that we may not agree with each other sometimes. Yes, it may be defined as a rant in loose terms, but I personally feel it is something important to be shared and i have done my best to detail specifically the reasons why in an honest and objective fashion. I am not sure where the word disjointed comes into play. I also did not say tallbikers do not look out for one another. I will be the first person to stick up for my tallbike kin, but just like any family sometimes a blacksheep feels like they are outside the larger circle. I also enjoy being confrontational, especially when it is interesting and useful, don't you ??? much love...


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