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The Sun-Times ran a piece on this today.

To the "worst things" list, I'd add:
* Wrong-way traffic coming at me in the bike lane.

To the "best things" list, I'd add:
* Not being in close proximity to people coughing and sneezing on a bus or train.
* Being able to make as many stops as I want for take-out food, shopping, etc. without worrying when the next train or bus will come.
* Stopping to smell the roses - literally. Few things can improve your day like pausing to enjoy a really beautiful garden along the way.

What would you add to the lists?

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Pro: Being able to enjoy the weather, the sights, and some exercise while transporting myself in a self-sustainable fashion.
Con: Seeing all of the distracted, negligent, and otherwise poorly-skilled drivers that are so busy and important that they need to chat/text on their phones while they transport themselves in an unsustainable fashion.


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