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I think it's worth identifying preferred re-filling stations on the west side. What's your favorite nook, cranny, or bartender? 

I'm drunk-riding distance home from the Clipper, so that's my default. 

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I went into Club Foot the other night. They have a pretty amazing decor and a pool table to boot.
Lemmings on Damen is pretty good, but crowded on weekends. There is something charming (and VERY close) about the Rip Tide at Armitage and Hermitage. Bucktown Pub does an open mic night and never seems too crowded - they also have a decent bike rack outside.
Yeah, I have seen some solid quality comedy at open mike night at Bucktown. By me I like the Innertown Pub and Happy Village if you want some really solid ping pong.
I've favored the Rocking Horse on Milwaukee a few times this winter. They have a reasonable Bourbon selection and the Chili is pretty good. Actually, the Chili over at Small Bar on Division is phenomenal as well. Can you tell I like Chili?

My favorites include:


Cole's on Milwaukee near California (Best bar in Chicago IMHO)

Helen's Two Way Lounge at Fullerton and Milwaukee

Archie's at, I think, Rockwell and Iowa

Bob Inn at Rockwell and Fullerton

Corner Bar at Levitt and some other street...

WeeGee's way west on Armitage


there is a no name bar at the corner of hubbard and ogden.  never packed, mostly latino - the bartender didnt speak english when i checked it out. might be a hidden gem.


no place to really lock up tho

My local is Innjoy on Division. Good for weeknight specials.


Weegees (work there on Fridays)  

Bangers & Lace (if you go early to beat the crowd)

The Whirlaway


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