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The "Intelligentsia Cup" and the Prairie State Cycling Series kicks off today in Beverly. Even though it is only a few years old it is now the second largest bike race series in the COUNTRY. Really proud to be a part of it and sponsor elite-level bike racing in Chicagoland. 

Here's the schedule. We are having a Fixed Gear race on 7/24 at the Goose Island race. That's a great day, definitely check it out. 

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Thanks Michael! I appreciate the addition of the links. 

We also have a Chainlink event the organizers added:

And if you want to catch one of the cutest races, Michael is sponsoring the kids' race for Glen Ellyn.

If you aren't a racer, spectating is great at these races and they usually have some fun activities, food, and a general celebratory atmosphere. Click on each link above for more details. 

Looking forward to tonight's races in Beverly.



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