I want to say thank you to the bicyclist for liberating Violet of her purpose.  Violet is a sewing machine I bought from a friend of mine (she was name Violet after his grandmother.)  It was a nice sewing machine that had been cared for and maintained.  It is funny.  My dear friend and advisor was so pleased when she saw it.  It was amazing to hear that her mother bought her the very same sewing machine when she graduated high school and she was still using that very same machine until 1987 or 89.  It was awesome to see her expression as she when back in time and through the course of her relationship with that sewing machine.  She left the nestles of home & known to pursued her passion, start a career, marry, have & raise her children; sewing them Christmas stockings and raising them to the best of her ability. All the her Signer aided her by it's purpose and keeping her occupied & in good company during dire straits.  The Signer would never talk back, be defiant, or do anything more or less than she asked it to, as long as she respected and maintained its abilities.  Seeing that expressional and viewing her gestures shortly following is what I have come to know as the definition of cognition.  Cognition is where I am at with lighting & environment design (I find it hard to explain in words written or spoke what cognition is.)  Off topic....

I shared that story with the bicyclist who I met while attaining & honing bicycle mechanic skills down at Working Bikes.  (I love that place and am very grateful for everything that I learned and will continue to learn as a volunteer.  If I am still welcome?)  I asked said bicyclist to be very careful and he should wait until I find an instructor to help him with his sewing skills.  I very much would like to see some Bicycle bags being manufactured in Chicago (I was just informed about Wig Bags "a big thumbs up".)  I bought that sewing machine for the purpose of encouraging the production of clothing, utility accessories, & bicycle pouches, bags, & ...  To encourage Chicago's presence in the national and international bicycling community.  There are some great Chicago bicycle & bicycle accessory or artifact producers in Chicago right now.  I celebrate them for their care & craft in Chicago produced products.  Kudos to you all.

Paul come back and make some bags.  I would love to further encourage you to make some great bags.  I have no working sewing machine but Violwe

Blue City haling from Bridgeport.  I saw a great front loader downtown and the cyclist was proud to say where he had gotten it.  Great design; low center of gravity, proper weight distribution, regard to riders posture & comfort and good style.   Awesome!!!

"Wig Bags" I here good things from lots of people.  Kudos to Wig!!! wigbags.com

Any others that should be brought to the attention of Chicago cyclists.  Please let me know.  

Safe riding,


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Tailor-made for the discriminating french horn-playing cyclist. Talk about your hyper-niche market. 

h' 1.0 said:

Apropos bags made in Chicago-

I came across this:

Made in the U.S.A. by SeamCraft, Inc. of Chicago, Illinois.

Now, if you poke around the SeamCraft site, they pretty consistently dance around the location of the manufacture and are careful never to state that they actually manufacture anything in Chicago.  Does anyone have knowledge to the contrary?

(Sorry, too wiped to try to figure out how to make the text one size here.)

Very, sorry, but the capacity of the Extra Extra large is about 70 liters, not 70 gallons.

So odd.


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