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Police Took Dozens Of Bikes From Columbus Statue Protesters.

GRANT PARK — Dozens of people had their bicycles taken by Chicago Police officers Friday during the protest in front of the Christopher Columbus statue in Grant Park.

Now they are wondering where to find them — and one said her bike wasn’t abandoned, as police claim, but was violently ripped from her hands.

On Monday, police officials said in a statement many bikes were “abandoned” and several were “used as weapons or to facilitate mob action” against police. The department is figuring out a plan for owners to reclaim their bikes.

One protester, a 27-year-old woman from Uptown, said she rode to a meetup point near Grant Park and was walking her bike with other protesters when an officer took her bike without saying anything and pushed her to the ground.

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Two wrongs don't make a right. The umbrella brigade needs to be held accountable, the police should also be held accountable for illegal seizure of bikes.

This response by police pretty much makes me want to throw up. Seeing the pile of bikes is devastating. I know if my bike was in that pile, I'd pretty much lose it. And that shouldn't be what motivated us - fear that our bikes will be taken from us if we show up to protest. 

I'm tired of stupid statues of terrible men e.g. Christopher Columbus seem to be given more importance than safety, human life, and dignity. I can't believe we are so many weeks into this and police are still using the same dangerous tactics they were using back when this first happened. And then they wonder why we want the funding and job description of the police departments all across our country to be re-examined. We have a hammer (police) and barely anything is a nail. That is bad for both the police and the communities they are supposed to protect. 

Police are responsible for any vehicle or property they seize.  If they can't find them, sue them for the value of the bicycle.

Of course, you'll have to prove the bike in question is, in fact, yours -- as in registration? I know I owe 9 bikes and not a single one is registered.



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