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Please take our survey on far south side boulevard/greenway routes

Our far south side team has developed a preliminary set of ideas for bike boulevard/neighborhood greenway routes. 

Do you live or ride in the area south of 87th and west of I-94?   If you do, please visit this page to read more about the concept and take a pair of brief surveys to help us prioritize our recommendations to the city.

These routes could be especially valuable to those of you who ride with young children and to those hesitant friends and family members who you try to persuade to ride with you, but who are afraid of traffic.  The boulevard/greenway concept is aimed at creating safer routes where they (and everyone) can ride.

Please share this page with other cyclists you know who ride in our area of the city, and people who might want to ride on our neighborhood streets if they felt safer doing so in traffic.

(Thanks to Michelle Stenzel for inspiring the web site and survey ideas!)

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