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Planning a small group ride to Gary, IN.  Yes, I know...Gary!!

A small midwest industrial city gone almost bust!  There are a few remaining sites to see: Gary Aquatorium, new baseball field, Jackson family home, Marquette Park, and more.

Has anyone out there done a bike tour in Gary? 
Any feedback or additional points of interest you would like to share?

Anyone have a good bike route to Gary, IN? 

Yes, I already of Gary can be sketchy and unsafe, but the same could be said for most urban cities across America.  We will ride in spite of those concerns.

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Yes, I've bike in and through Gary numerous times. Miller Beach (kind of ghost-townish beach area), the Dunes, and the Jackson family house as well. There are several way to get there, the quickest, and less bike friendly is to take South Chicago Ave to US12/20 directly into town. Another way is to take the trails through Hammond, Highland, , and Hobart, which will put leave you south of Gary. Then you can ride north into town (that's the longest). For other routes, Google Maps recommends LFP to South Shore and then to US 12/20 (Indianapolis Hwy). You can check the map for different ideas.

That sounds like an interesting ride.  The farthest I've gone that way is Marktown, which is well worth seeing if you've never been.   To get to Marktown, starting at the end if the LFP, take this route:


then maybe continue on Dickey Rd. into East Chicago and then Industrial Hwy into Gary.  I would assume traffic would be low on weekends.

Interesting idea. Where do you paln to meet up to start this ride?


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