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Hey everyone. I'm going to start working at the Daley Center soon and I want to commute on my bike but I need to find somewhere where I can shower nearby. I'm not the most familiar with gyms in that area. I just know that the LA Fitness on Randolph is too much for just shower use. Any helpful tips are much appreciated!!

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If you don't get any good suggestions, it's not for everyone but you could consider showering before the ride. Bacteria is what causes people to smell bad, not sweat. So you could shower, bike in, wipe down with some baby wipes, and theoretically you'll be golden. :)

If all else fails I might have to do this 

Pretty much my practice.  I work near the Daley Center and  have long abandoned Millenium.  I shower, ride, wipe.  I have a suit and tie job and it works fine most days.

Do you change at the office? That's what I do; fortunately I can close my door.

Same. I can close and lock a door. 

They may have a wait list, but the McDonald's Cycle Center at Millennium Park has showers for members and likely is the cheapest option in the loop.  It's a pretty quick walk from there to Daley Center using the pedway.   

I've had bad experiences with them. 

Executive Sports and Fitness.   77 W Wacker Dr # 3900, Chicago, IL 60601.  $40 to join and $70 a month. Includes complimentary towels, razors, shampoo, q-tips...etc.

The private office building north of Daley Ctr (161 N. Clark) has a small gym with showers in the basement.

Do you know if anyone is allowed to use that facility? 

For a fee.  It's a Lifestart chain gym.


I was a member for a couple of years, even though I don't work in that building.

Like others, I shower before I ride in. I find that I can avoid breaking a huge sweat for the most part by carrying my stuff on my bike rack and not on my person (I put my backpack in my basket and don't wear it), plus I give myself time so I can pace myself. I also change when I get to the office. I try to dress a little colder than what the weather calls for. I find that if, lets say it's winter, if I'm dressed warm enough that I'm comfortable when I step outside, then I'm going to be sweaty once I get going. If I step outside and I'm a little cold, then it's perfect, I'll warm up and be just right once I get going. In the summer I sometimes just wear shorts and Keanes and go shirtless.



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