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Bike lot at Centraal Station (Amsterdam)?

Amsterdam. Been there. It's like a bike heaven.

Joe Willis said:

I was gonna guess Amsterdam as well. I loved that city.

Darren, you are a brave man to cycle out there in the NW suburbs.

That's the street in my townhome complex.  Pretty safe.  I do take very safe routes when I go any distance.  I stay off Golf, Algonquin, and Arlington Heights Road except to cross at traffic lights.



While on tour in Southern Texas a few weeks ago:

I used to love riding in Corpus Christi whenever I visited during winter breaks. A lot of paved open roads.

Until border patrols started pulling me over. It got to be so ridiculous, one year, that I was stopped twice on the same day, IN THE SAME AREA by Oso Bay!!! I got the message and never visited there again.

Kelvin Mulcky said:

While on tour in Southern Texas a few weeks ago:

From last Friday.  Any other CCM pics?

CCM August 2010



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