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The project of upgrading has been in discussion and planning for several years, but / has only a few coders with no spare time.

I've been delusionally hoping that I'd eventually find / make the time, and loosely discussed it with other coders I know, but it's overdue to get serious.

Fundamentally, the presumed immediate path is upgrading the Drupal Content Management System to current.  It may need to be stepped through intermediate versions, or conceivably exported/imported. Some suggest conversion to a new CMS, but I think that's unrealistic given the scope and variety of the content (but I'd consider it if a demo could be rapidly prototyped).

There is urgent need as we can't add CAPTCHA to the outdated framework.

So, any reasonably good PHP coders / cyclists out there eager to learn Drupal?  You'll probably at least need to already know how to set up a local Apache/MySQL/PHP dev sys. Or (crossing-fingers) anyone with Drupal experience? If you've got time (like 40+ est. project hrs) please be a hero.

Respond here, discuss, or contact me.  Thanx!

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I can help, I'm actually designing a new website for work using Drupal 7 right now.  Let's talk :)

Yay!  Send me some contact info please. And whereabouts are you?


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