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The parent company of Performance Bike and Nashbar, ASI has filed for chapter 11:

TLDR version of the article: They plan to close some stores, but not all. Not sure if anyone has any insight on the Lincoln Park, Northbrook and Schaumburg stores as the article doesn't specify which locations are impacted.

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according to the store manager at Lincoln Park, they are scheduled for closing.

according to Performance's website, redemption of points is suspended at these stores, which likely are the same as those scheduled for closing:

it appears Northbrook and Schaumburg are on the chopping block as well.

This is helpful information, thanks. It's a bummer that the Chicagoland area is losing all its stores. We are running out of shops.

i believe the Lombard location will still be open, if you have a car and either live in the 'burbs or are inclined to drive out there. not really an option for me.

i don't know about running out of shops...i have a couple that i really like relatively close to me, plus three more that i can think of off the top of my head within the same radius.

the plus side (for me) of Performance was they were typically no more expensive, often less, than the smaller shops for basic supplies (tubes, cleaning supplies, clothes, some tools) and their points membership usually paid for one or two shopping trips per year. this just means i will shift more of my dollars to the smaller shops, with online retailers getting my business for stuff i can't find or get locally.

I'm surprised to hear this news. I have ordered lots of stuff online from Performance over the years and occasionally shopped in the Lincoln Park store. They've always been a great source for cheap sale-rack items.

Sad to hear that people will be finding themselves unemployed rolling into the holiday season. Hopefully this is good news for other LBS's though, and maybe they can hire a few of them?


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