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I couldn't believe it!

Pedestrian is ok. I think the cyclist had his ego bruised more than anything. 

Headed home on Adams towards Wabash, two cars in front of me (I was going to head south on Wabash, ready to make a left turn) were moving forward with the new green light/ped crossing light. Pedestrians crossing Wabash were many. And that's when I saw this man go full on bypassing the red light. Clad in winter riding gear and a cyclocross-ish looking bike, clips a man crossing the street. I think the cyclist hit the man's backpack because the man didn't fall. Cyclist came to a full stop on his left side as he hit the ground. Heard a few loud voices towards cyclist. "What the F----- man!"

I think this cyclist saw a gap in between pedestrians crossing, feeling his ego get the best of him trying to be like the "cool kids" and WHAM!

Heading home south on Wabash, I looked behind me before stopping at the red light at Van Buren. I saw the cyclist approaching - this time he was slow because I think he was hurt/dazed/whatever. He crept up next to me and made a right turn around a car that had a signal, ready to make a right turn.

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Lucky for him it wasn't a car... Hope we don't have to read about him later.

I clipped a pedestrian who got out of his parked car that was stopped in the bike lane. I didn't feel so bad for that pedestrian.


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