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I'm looking to buy a not-too-expensive but decent outer shell, having traditionally muddled along with various semi-adequate solutions out of my closet. Couple of questions:

—Should I only go with something windproof or is anyone making 'wind-resistant' fabrics that will stand up to a 25 mph wind in January?

—Are there any bike-specific brands that are worth the money? Most of what I've seen doesn't really seem made for Lake Michigan winters.

—If not going with a bike-specific shell, are there any that are long enough in the back that I won't rue my purchase when in the drops?


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I'm always amazed there there are places where everything stops when it snows. Unfortunately after '79 blizzard, every chicago mayor has made sure that the streets are clear and business continues on as normal after every snow. Once in a while it would be nice to actually get a snow day.

garrett honke said:
thanks for the advice. We just moved from Austin so it will definitely be a new experience as any time ice is present down there business shuts down and schools close. I was warm on the coldest nights with a hoodie, a reasonably thick corduroy jacket, liner gloves and a scarf so the snow and wind will be an interesting addition

Trying to get pumped up and prepared for it up here. I am assuming that the people telling me it is impossible to ride straight through are the same ones that said that down south in the summer

Dr. Doom said:
Key elements for me: water proof, wind proof and pit zips. I have been happy with my marmut shell. I am always on the hunt for something that fits my small size, has reflective elements, but is not bright yellow. Here's to your first Bike Winter!
I just got this. It was 25% off a month ago.

Here's a link.
It got me through low 40s/upper 30s weather and some rain, too. It's wind and waterproof w/pit zips, but doesn't have enough reflective features. The butt flap that snaps up (or folds down) has been a good feature. The jury's still out...looks like I can easily layer underneath. It's going to bug me when it looks filthy...:(
I used to have the Showers Pass Club jacket, and really liked it. It comes in high-vis colors, and blocks the wind and snow well. It doesn't breathe particularly well, but provides plenty of warmth when paired with a fleece or sweater. It's very thin and packs up nice and compact.
I've got a Cannondale L.E. ( that has worked very well down to +10 with a couple of thin layers underneath.



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