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Options for getting a Kryptonite lock off a bike? (lost key)

Are there any options besides calling a locksmith? (which I've heard is $80-$125)

Will locksmiths even do this?  

It's locked in my daughter's apt in Albany Park. 

Thanks for all useful ideas! 


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You get a friend with an angle grinder, or you get a locksmith with an angle grinder.

MB, pick out a grinder, plug 'er in, put your safety glasses on, then get some old towels/rags cause you're gonna make lots of hot sparks in the apartment. Start by cutting the curve of the U and then use some bending leverage to pull it apart and work it away and off the bike. Voila! Free at last !

Angle grind, or get a new key (I think it's free for the first one) from Kryptonite and just open it. If you registered it with them or if you have the number or tag off the keys they can send you a new one. Or angle grind.

Have you tried calling Krptonite? You need the serial number, but if I remember correctly if you can prove its your lock they can have a new key remade based on serial number. Not sure if you had to have registered before, but worth looking into before doing anything else.

Thanks for all the suggestions.  Looks like I need to invest in or rent an angle grinder (know where one can be rented)?

I did not register the key (or lock).  And, it seems the serial # is only on the key -- not the lock. 

Thanks for all the suggestions.


Home depot and Menards also rent out tools but not all types of tools are available at all stores all the time. Google for other tool rental outlets near you. I've never asked in a bike shop if they would lend one out. Does anyone know ?

I was in your shoes two years ago. The Home Depot on North Avenue rents angle grinders. It was ridiculously cheap. You don't need any comes off in about 30 seconds.  I did it in front of the merchandise mart and it was quite a show for the drivers (I would think with all the sparks).  It cuts very quickly.

call pedal to the people.  Adam will cut your lock for like 20 bucks.   this happened to me  a year ago and I found him way less expensive than the lock smiths.  also,  On Guard sent me a new lock and paid for the old one to be cut because it just stopped working.  not sure if kryptonite has the same policy, or maybe you lost the key.. but worth a shot.   good luck



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