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the site just launched this week in Chicago.
In the site people post requests for delivery jobs and couriers compete over them.
I am not affiliated with this site, I am just intrigued by the concept.

what's your 0.02?

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Ah, this sounds more workable if I, as a courier, can refuse deliveries that are worth more than I could reasonably replace myself.  If I can get a valuation of the package from the sender beforehand, I can use that to decide if I want to bid on the delivery or not.  I probably wouldn't consider transporting anything worth more than $250, but that's just me.  Thank you for the clarification.

I just did some checking online for insurance.  My personal health/hospitalization would cover my injuries in a crash, while my renter's insurance would cover damage or loss to my bike while working.  But bicycle liability insurance doesn't seem to exist in the USA, as it does in other countries (and as it does for motorists).  Basically, if I accidentally knock down an elderly person in the crosswalk with my bike, while zipping around the Loop with packages, and if that elderly person gets seriously injured, it's my problem.  Big time.  The only thing I can figure is to buy a personal liability umbrella policy.  It would be nice if Zipments offered a cheap group liability umbrella policy to the courier independent contractors, but I can now see the solution in any case.


sounds good on my side of the fence***** Since I make a living building things to help move things by bike...



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