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"OOH! I Didn't See You!" - 'Clueless Unobservant Drivers'

I'm getting tired of this lame excuse from cluelessly unobservant drivers.

Driver, what happened here?  OOH, I didn't see them !

screenshot photo credit: IDOT

A driver that passed me last night (around 11:15pm) almost a block back looking for what she thought was an open parking spot ahead, then realizes it's not, then throws it in reverse and proceeds at a high rate of speed to backwards to another parking spot narrowly missing me on my bike doing a brake-screeching evasive maneuver.
She then slams her brakes, I give her the usual loud 'hey' and angry look and she says, "OOH, I didn't see you!"
She's driving a huge rear-windowed Subaru Forester SUV and I'm with lights and reflectors on my road bike.
I shouted back, "well then, try not to kill anyone with your bad vision", as she moved away I observed her continued wrong-way manuver at speed.
Geeez! SMH!


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Sometimes I wonder if those plans should be called Zero Vision instead of Vision Zero.

Zero Vision indeed.

I had an "Oh I didn't see you, but I'm an entitled asshat so it's my right of way" situation yesterday. Woman in left lane (which is a left turn lane also) decided she didn't want to wait for the person turning in front of her so she decides to pull into the right lane, sans turn signal, where I am. She sees me at the last minute so I then stand my ground and don't let her in because I have the right of way. As she passes me on the left a little later her male passenger decides to flip me off....Is he unaware of how terrible of a driver she is?? The whole side of her nice Mercedes was all dented up....I ended up passing them again anyway because traffic was backed up to I felt a little vindicated.

Thanks for letting me vent I was pissed off about this yesterday.

The whole side of her nice Mercedes was all dented up

I call that a Whiskey Car.

Whiskey Car

Sweet Jeebus it wasn't that bad!  But I like the terminology.

Yow!  :~O



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