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To me, this is one of the worst types of right-hook: no signal, at speed without braking, from the middle of the lane. A less experienced cyclist or one unfamiliar with the traffic patterns at this location would have no way of knowing this motorist would turn right.

The only worse type is the much popular outside or double-turn from the thru-lane.

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How about the one where the car rapidly passes and cuts in right in front of you, then slams on the brakes to make a right turn?

Another good one, but it is still a right-hook if cutting you off makes the hook act impossible? 

The problem is, sometimes you want to go around the guy to the inside when he slows down.  Then the right hook scenario comes into play.  Now, I just slam on the brakes and stay in back of him.  I fear the right hook even more than getting doored.  

It is generally excellent practice never to be on a vehicle's rear quarter when you're about to go through an intersection. 

I learned this in, of all places, the British driver's manual 'Road Craft' as a teenager. 


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