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Hi. I'm an avid cyclist in Boulder, CO and I'm coming to Chicago the first weekend in August. My friend and I are hoping to go for a (road) bike ride on Saturday, August 4 but I'm having a hard time finding someplace to rent a bike that will fit me - I'm 5' tall. I ride an extra-small Specialized Ruby Expert (44 cm)

Anyone out there willing to rent me their smallish road bike for the day on 8/4?



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Hey there! 

Not sure if you found someone yet, but I used to work at Bobby's Bike Hike. We had a small road bike we had int he fleet that would probably fit you. Look them up and tell them Kelly sent you. They'll hook you up! Martin the mechanic can swap your pedals and size it for you too. Good luck!

I'm under 5 feet so I have a bike you can use, I just may be out of town. Let me ask around.  I would check out the Cat 5 2 inches and shorter group. 

Kelly is spot on about Bobby Bike Hike too.  Kelly, nice call!



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