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OK, link to profile for koalaW
i am now. i think i'm juliehochstadter if I had to guess....
@chicagostyle86...go twitter!

how's THAT for creative?
(JRome H!)

also, pay no attention to me...

I saw your question about the bike packing. I have done lots of bike traveling and have used all options--I have a 64cm frame so it's just huge no matter what.

Option 1: Bike shop to bike shop--it's packed professionally and re-assembled. Problems: the bike shop on the other end may or may not have it assembled. You have to ship and assemble twice. Could be expensive; you have to travel to said bike shop.

Option 2: Bring on Plane--these days it's expensive; here is a link of all major airlines and there bike policy: At least you know your bike is traveling with you.

Problems: reassembling yourself; what do you do with the box u shipped it in after assembled?

Option 3: Ship to whomever you are going to visit: cost effective if you can assemble. I take off my Bottom Bracket and cranks personally each time.

Option 4: Just buy a burner when you get there--there's plenty of second hand, Clist, and nefariously begotton bikes, if you just ask around. It's never taken me more than 3 hours to procure a bike in a city even if I did not speak the native language.

I only do option 3 and 4 these days.

I love option 4 because when I am done with the bike, I usually just give it to someone I bike by on my way out of town. It's usually the cheapest; your bike is safe at home; and it's kind of fun just riding a burner that you are going to dump...I pay no more than $75 on out of town bikes--that's less than airlines and FEDEX to ship both ways and assembling. I have a couple cities that I travel to more than twice
a year that I have crypto locked bikes there. Sometimes they are there when I arrive, sometimes not, but who cares, I just buy another burner for $60. Check out the Craigslist where you are going, look up a couple second hand stores, and in places like San Fran, just go to the hangout areas and someone will sell you one. And if you have the time, more than 5 days or so, you can sell on Craigslist again for best offer--I have had a few net-zero bikes that I bought and sold for about the same price after riding for a few days. At the worst, I just sell it for 1/2 what I bought it for, if it doesn't sell, I just put free and leave at airport.

Happy traveling!



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