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Old/Spare Bike Parts -- Anyone Have Ideas on Where to Go To Get??

Meg Koch (who, by the way, is one of our incredible Tour de Cure volunteers), is working on a special project and needs UNWANTED bike parts...specifically rotor/disks, chain rings, sprockets, chain or chain links, and wheels. She really needs stuff by next week, and she said she is more than happy to stop by anywhere to pick stuff up. 

If anyone knows places she could contact, please shoot her an email or give her a call!!

Meg’s number is 847-636-7123, and email is

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Working bikes at 2434 S. Western ave open today & Sat. From 12-5. She may have to make a small donation $10-$20 maybe.
Ciclo Urbano/ Westtown bikes might have some laying around too. I've never been but The Recyclery on the far north side.


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