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I am considering moving to Oak Park but have reservations on commuting to UofC from there.  Does anybody have any tips/routes/experience with this commute or even Oak Park to downtown?

Thank You

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FWIW, a few years ago, John Conroy published an article about being attacked while biking down Lake Street.

Do a search here, there's been a few threads with routes from Oak Park to the Loop and even information on a commuter group that meets up to do the commute.  You can do the Loop to Hyde Park on the LFT pretty easily.

Agreed that loop-to-HP is a simple task via the LFT.


One nice feature about your start/end points is that, if it rains, you could simply hop on the Green Line (though you'd have to leave your bike at home/work if your commute is during rush hour).

Thanks, I search around here.  I ride from Lincoln Square to HP right now.  I'm just concerned about OP to downtown.

I've never done it, but from everything I've heard, you'll want to avoid Lake Street.



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