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I'll be out there and wondering who else will be doing the full 100 miles?

I have a few folks I know from other groups that we will be riding together with, and we are looking to keep a decent moving pace (18+) and short-ish stops.  The idea is to finish the entire thing in under 6 1/2 hours.

I saw a few others mention they are riding it but there wasn't a single thread when I searched.  PM me or reply here and I'd be glad to give my contact info out for those that are looking for some company to ride with.  And a good workout!

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It was a great ride.  Nice meeting everyone on the ride also see you next ride.

If you didn't gain weight then you weren't doing it right!

Bob T said:

Evanston Now published a short article on the sunrise start of the NSC ride at Dawes Park.

Between the Captain Nemo turkey sandwiches, the hot McDonalds Egg McMuffins and the tasty pizza, I think I might have gained weight on yesterday's ride...


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