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Where and when is the ribbon cutting ceremony (if there is one) for the Grand Opening of the first half of the North Branch Trail extension?

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Lots of dirt paths along the trail, and lots of of kids riding dirt bikes on these unofficial paths as well.  How are official and unofficial trails determined?

The problem is this right-a-way is still owned by the rail road.

There's still some heavy construction going on for the underpass under the expressway and Cicero Avenue.  Here's a reasonable bypass, since I rode this yesterday, Friday 6/23, southbound.

Exit to Forest Glen, from the Forest Preserve parking lot.

Go south, to Balmoral

Go east on Balmoral to Cicero

Go south on Cicero, anticipating a left-turn a few blocks south, into the LaBaugh Woods parking lot

Entering the parking lot is the trail crossing, turn right and continue to the end at Gompers Park.

Northbound, just reverse this.  Both ways, the only hangup is crossing Cicero, a busy 4-lane street. I think this construction will continue for a while and it's hard to get around - especially while they're working on it.



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