No 'Snowpocalypse' in Chicago This Winter, And You Can Thank El Nino

Chicago's expected to see less snow and higher-than-average temperatures throughout the winter, said Paul Pastelok, a meteorologist for AccuWeather.

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knock on wood

we shall soon find out (in the next 5 months)

Bike Winter !

Don't hate me for saying this but... I am going to admit it, I am super bummed about this. Last year was such a lame snow winter and I love to xc ski. If we have a cold winter with no snow, it will make me sad. I am so looking forward to xc skiing and renting a fat bike to ride at Kettle Moraine. No one wants a snow-filled winter more than me. :-/

Same here although I don't have a bike with snow tires. I still like riding in snow anyway. And I love shoveling snow. It's a fun exercise for me.

It's too bad the Bike Winter Wimps are a secret society.  They're probably celebrating.

Is this a CL group? I searched The Chainlink. A secret society? Bob always talks about them. Bob?

Once I figured out the right gear for winter riding I actually grew to love it.  So I’m actually a little disappointed because I always look forward to the colder months when the trails are blissfully empty except for the few really dedicated winter riders.

I am definitely not a fan of snow, but the cold can be pleasant.  (Okay, maybe not 10 below with 45 below wind chill).  But even if it is only the 20s most people will be hibernating.  It is even noticeably lighter traffic if it is in the 40s.

In the suburbs most cyclists are hibernating when it hits 55deg F

My biggest problem has always been my fingers freezing up. I ordered some hand warmers to insert inside my mittens, which may solve my problem, but I'm curious about what works for you.

Pearl Izumi Lobster Gloves!

Is this the "El Niño" we are supposed to have visit us for this winter?

Thanks !
V view attachment

I hope so, although his costume portends a somewhat bleaker forecast than the official predictions:

The National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center reported Illinois has an increased chance for above-average temperatures and below-average precipitation for the months of December, January and February. 

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