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No Need For eBike Safety Freakouts - Simon Cowel Was NOT Riding an eBike

Apparently, this has caused a rash of "eBikes are dangerous" articles but Simon was riding a motorcycle, not an eBike. *sigh*

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Actually that is an e-bike. A very powerful e-bike, but an e-bike non the less. It has working pedals, if it was classified as a motorcycle it would have foot pegs. It may stretch the definition of an e-bike but it still fits the box.


You can put pedals on anything. As e-mobility expert Horace Dediu tweets:

"You can call it an ebike but it’s not allowed on any street and does not meet type classifications in US or EU (or anywhere else). You can put pedals on a rocket and call it an ebike if you want."

It is an e-bike. A special use e-bike not allowed on public streets (use only on private property).

This is a non-street legal (track only) vehicle. It's still an automobile, isn't it?

Yes it's an ebike.  There are various regulations in different municipalities as to who can ride or register an ebike and where, but those varied regulations don't make various ebikes become non-ebikes just because of those variations and the variations of those ebikes.  That said, the pedals on a rocket thing is intriguing.  Let's consider that it might be an rBike not an eBike, but an interesting notion all the while.  We and Horace Dediu wouldn't be the first to conceive of this.  It's probably not street legal, but we can call it an rbike perhaps.   


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