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Nice Vintage Hercules English ladies 3 speed for sale in Beverly $75 - SOLD

This vintage Hercules has a three speed Sturmey Archer Hub and new tires. Rides well but may need  TLC. Would be a great school bike or a good commuter. Also would be just the thing for Tweed Rides. It can be picked up in Beverly (60643) for just $75. Thinning the herd! Ken,

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Nice looking vintage bike. You might want to add an approximate frame size to your info. Looks like it's on the small side.

Your right Anne, I should have a frame size but truth be told I don't know how / where to measure. It is a bike well suited to my height (5' 9") or someone shorter.

This bike still available?

I'm a bit surprised, but yes it is.

I want it! Can I pick it up this weekend? My phone is 518-380-4881, or let me know a good way to contact you.

Thanks John. I hope that your wife really loves this neat old bike. Mark it sold!



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