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I'd be interested to hear about new stations as they pop up.

I was excited to find a new station only 2 blocks from my house last night (a block closer than the planned location):

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Today's RedEye reports on some Divvy stats. Says the lowest-use station is Cottage Grove and 47th--only 12 rides have started from this station! Does anyone remember when this one was installed?

Looked it up: October 17, so less than a month ago. So I don't know if it's lowest-use in terms of number of rides divided by numbers of days open; it may not be. The stat was just lowest number of rides total.

47th and Cottage Grove-- Oct 17 per our own Divvy Fairy on page 7 of this discussion.

The outlying stations are the least useful due to the least connections with other stations- (and the most recently installed)-- so hopefully no rash decisions will be made based on their utilization.

For all those folks that complain about Divvy riders not using helmets, there may be an end to you whining...

Apparently BMXers like Divvy too.

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about an hour ago ·
  • Two stations will be slightly adjusted today: (1) Ravenswood & Montrose will be relocated off of Ravenswood onto Montrose due to Metra track construction work (2) Lincoln & Grace will be moving one block South on Lincoln to alleviate congestion and safety concerns.

"Planned station" view reported removed from Divvy site:


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