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Need help, they want to remove bike parking at work!

So we currently have 3 bike racks in the parking garage, which are well used.

I found out pretty much by accident that the "Space and Operations" committee is planning to remove the racks.

I intend to attend their next meeting, and am putting together a presentation.

Does anyone have any advice, or any suggestions?

I know that one car space equals 11 bike spaces, and am writing something about the health and environmental aspects of biking to work, but if anyone has fought this battle before, I would love to hear from you!

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Have work check with the zoning commission to make sure they meet the zoning requirements.

Thank you very much!

I will read this all through, it all looks very helpful, thank you again.

Put a note on every bicycle, telling them that their bicycle parking might be removed.  Suggest they ask their supervisor if they get to bring their bicycle into their office, or do they get a company car, company paid parking at work, company paid parking at home if needed, company paid gasoline and repairs, and paid time off to get driver's licenses.

Yes, encouraging people to talk to their supervisors about this is worthwhile.

Also, take pictures on different days (marked with dates) showing that the racks are well used.

How'd this all turn out Jane?  Did they keep some of the racks, move them elsewhere, or....  Was the reason for moving them shared? 


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