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Need help getting more bike racks installed at the O'hare Blue Line

I have talked to the CTA about adding more bike racks at this stop since they only have one U shape rack. They told me they can't do anything unless other people voice concern about inadequate racks. At times the rack is full and I have to travel back to the previous stop at Rosemont. I am seeking help from my chainlink family even though this doesn't concern almost anyone here. Can you email the CTA at with concerns about the lack of racks. I would like to thank everyone for any help with this.

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There's bike parking (last I heard) at the long-term parking lot on the ATS (most northern station). 


I'd say it's a CTA issue, but CDOT often supplies CTA the racks. However, the City of Chicago Department of Aviation may own the CTA station, since it's on their property. 

This is way off topic...but tangentially related.   Does anyone know if bike lines are included in the redevelopment of O'Hare on Irving Park Road.....  There are a lot of bike riders going past O"Hare and it is really perilous with the cars going 45 mph and faster....

I'm interested in riding my bike to OHare to catch a plane. Anyone else do this? Main biggest concerns are locking bike up securely over the weekend and also the 8 or so blocks from terminal building to the Des Plaines River Trail. Any info appreciated!

I've done this. I took Higgins to what-ever-street-leads-to remote parking. I left it there for four or five days and took the tram to and from the terminal.

This is from a number of years ago.  Bessie Coleman Drive has been widened.  This was my route before the CTA started allowing bikes on the train. 

Speaking as the guy who supervised the installation of the original bike rack inside the station (I rode the train to O'Hare with the contractors, who carried the U rack and their power tools) as a CDOT consultant more than a decade ago, CDOT is responsible for new installation, in coordination with the CTA, of course. I'd suggest emailing the department at

Last time I checked there was a large "wave" rack inside the station with space for six bikes. If more capacity is needed, it could be replaced with 4-6 U racks installed parallel to each other, perpendicular to the wall, which would provide space for 8-12 bikes.


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