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I am a newbie to commuting on my bike. My husband and I used to commute to work together but with a change in our schedules (thanks a lot CPS) I found myself without a car.Rather than take a bus and a train, I dusted off my bike and started riding to school. I've battled the rain, the horrible winds from Sandy but my biggest challenge so far has been the cold. Last Monday my hands were so cold it was painful. I have nylon liners and lobster claw gloves but they did nothing to prevent my hands from turning into frozen claws. Can anyone recommend gloves? I need to buy something this weekend as I've heard Tuesday and Wednesday are going to be chilly. (I've never been such an avid weather watcher!)


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So I randomly learned about this the other day while researching Zippo handwarmers. It totally works! Can easily get five rides out of a 7 hour packet or in the case of -0 and lower, two or three for each glove.

Someone else mentioned on one of these threads the plastic bag trick.  Since I use them for at absolute most an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening, the plastic bag trick has allowed me to get four days out of them. 


use a glove liner grip handle bars losely and wiggle your fingers as you ride

Thanks for the leg work. That seems a whole lot cheaper than the ones I picked up at Sports Authority's bargain bin get rid of winter stuff.

David Barish 13.9 said:

I recently got some education on hand warmers from a scientifically inclined fellow rider.  The hand warmers react to oxygen.  If you put them in a sealed plastic bag after your morning commute they will not burn out during the day when you don't need them.  You will have a usable hand warmer for the commute home. I tried this and lo and behold he was right! Hand warmers usually last 8-10 hours. However, if you work that long the bag method will keep your warmers warming and  your fingers toasty for the return commute.  I currently see these for a buck a piece.

I bought a box of 40 from Costco for about $20 a couple years ago. I don't think Costco has them now and I am finally running out.  

edit- I see them cheaper at Target. You can get them at WalMart but I don't shop there.


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