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Seems like the city is redoing a LOT of Dearborn, didn't know they were doing this till recently, and they recently painted this section. Anyone know if the bollards are coming back, along with the green color? Right after I took this photo, 2 large vans parked in the bike lanes. 

They should paint NO PARKING all over it...

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Along much of Lake st, there is parking and then the bike lane. The parking stalls are painted out and have a large bold P in them. The bike lane has the bike symbol. People still park in the bike lane and leave empty space in the parking spots.

Probably because it opens them up for liability when something happens... I figure that is why they are ambiguous about a lot of bike path things. If they fully define something, then maybe they can get sued?

The lanes are also divided unevenly. Southbound is narrower than Northbound. We need the bollards soon. It's been a nightmare for weeks.


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