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The new section of the Lakefront Trail’s Navy Pier Flyover will be closed for construction for about a month starting Tuesday, city officials said.

The Flyover, which opened in December to bike and pedestrian traffic, will be closed until about late September so the completed portion can be connected to the second phase of the project, which is almost done, according to a news release from the Chicago Department of Transportation.

The city started building the $64 million flyover project in 2014 to bypass the Lakefront Trail’s dangerous bottleneck near Navy Pier, where the trail continued along the street through a busy intersection at Grand and Illinois streets.

The Flyover will be closed after Labor Day to avoid shuttering it during a busy cycling weekend, the city said.

When the Flyover reopens at the end of September, the second portion will also be available for use via a “temporary bridge to the east sidewalk of the Lake Shore Drive Bridge,” the release said.

Crews will continue working on the third phase of the project throughout the fall.

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The long-awaited completion of the Navy Pier Flyover along the lakefront has been delayed yet again, this time until late spring of 2020.

The 1,750-foot-long, 16-foot-wide steel and concrete flyover bridge is taking twice as long to build as the Willis Tower, which took three years, and three times as long as the Ambassador Bridge crossing the Detroit River into Canada, which took two.

I've wondered how they intent to tear through the bridge houses without affecting the lifting equipment, or how to balance the weight of the trail for the bridge to open for that matter.

I remember an article a few years ago about someone that lived in the metalwork of the bridge for a winter and had electricity and a TV and everything. A few times he got caught in a raising and has his world go sideways...

Does the city have a winter plan for the flyover? Everything was bad today but I can't see throwing salt all over the flyover and since it's got air underneath it'll be frozen all the time, anyway.

Navy Pier Flyover completion delayed again, due to problems on 1930s-era Lake Shore Drive bridge

The much-anticipated completion of the Navy Pier Flyover bike and pedestrian path has been delayed again, due to the need for more extensive repairs on the Depression-era Lake Shore Drive bridge over the Chicago River, city officials said.

The $64 million flyover, started in 2014, is now expected to be complete by the end of this year. The city had originally planned to cut the ribbon on the flyover in 2018, then last year, then this spring.

To complete work on the Lake Shore Drive bridge, there also will be a new traffic configuration on lower Lake Shore Drive, starting Monday. Northbound vehicle traffic, currently moving on the east side of the bridge, will be moved to the center of the bridge. Northbound vehicles on lower Lake Shore Drive will be able to access upper Lake Shore Drive, but will no longer be able get to Illinois Street and Grand Avenue, according to city officials.

Bike and pedestrian traffic will be moved to the center lane, separated from vehicle traffic, starting on Tuesday.

Chicago Department of Transportation Chief Engineer Dan Burke said workers found “additional deterioration” on the Lake Shore Drive bridge, which meant more time and more repairs.

Every single person involved in the design, planning, and physical construction of that project should have been fired years ago. This project began in 2014. It is an absolute disgrace that it is taking so long to complete. Anyone want to bet that it won't go into 2021?


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