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Closing for striping and connection work smack dab in the middle of the Bike Commuter Challenge. I can't think of a better way to to encourage people to bike to work than closing a vital piece of infrastructure. Meanwhile, trail users are still waiting for the repurposed lane that was promised a year and a half ago.

Get it together CDOT.

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it's ok. Find an alternate route. I already have. 

Since my commute is long when I want it to be - from my office in the loop to Evanston, I'll be heading west on Adams/Michigan towards Dearborn... then north on Dearborn to Oak St. Then I'll get on the path there and do my thing. 

On the way back home (South Loop), I'll swim back to avoid the closure.

Dearborn is pretty good to the park if you want to hook up with the North Ave underpass.

Since Dearborn's northbound bike lane runs on the left side of the street above Kinze it's a bit unnerving. Then it disappears and you have to move over to the right across two lanes, including a left turn lane.

Dearborn's quiet enough after that, I've never been comfortable with that left side run from Kinzie to Oak.

I'm just happy to have some notice. I rode through there yesterday and saw nothing about an impending closure (which seems typical, given the lack of notice of various detours during the trail separation project).

On the way to work yesterday, I saw some framework laid horizontally over the new section they had recently prepped for paving (plywood base, lots of fairly intricate rebar work). Sure enough, on the way home that section was covered with plastic sheeting, so it looks like they paved it yesterday.

@Ernesto, perhaps we can commute together sometime. I only have another 1+ months to retirement, but the option might present itself.



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