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Just an informal poll. I'm interested in hearing what other Chainlinkers encounter in their travels that present the most typical, day-to-day hazards.

Lousy street/road surfaces? XPWay interchanges? RR tracks? Bridges? Speeders? Peds?

For me, it's distracted motorists, (either on/engrossed in a cell phone) and drivers that gun it through an intersection after the light turns red. They seem to be everywhere in the city where I do the majority of my riding.

Thanks for your responses. Be seen and be safe.

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I long ago gave up on "on your left", and instead try my damnedest to ride in such a way that it's not necessary. I give people a wide berth, and slow down to pass safely. In my experience, "on your left" doesn't work. Either people can't hear you because of street noise or headphones (I am unwilling to shout at the top of my lungs to be heard), and if people do hear you (because you've shouted at the top of your lungs, just in case they are wearing headphones), you're just as likely to startle them into making a bad decision. Also, in congested settings, you'd go hoarse from shouting if you always called out as you passed. Most bells are worthless, volume-wise.

+ 1 If you're a slower rider - give wide berth - a faster cyclist is assessing the upcoming terrain also before making their decision to pass.

Road/bike lane conditions

Texting/distracted drivers

CTA buses parked in bike lanes

Other cyclists, esp Divvys 3-across on LBP.

Most hazardous area: The Navy Pier/Ohio street detour, up the bridge, under LSD. I avoid it, by crossing west into the Loop on Madison or Monroe, which presents its own challenges.

Potholes, those sunk in manhole covers, and this time of year...wet leaves.
Road rage...!!! twice this week some asshole going 4 blocks can't wait 5 seconds without honking,fluppung me off,threatening me.
People passing on the right. Stop it.

Landscapers' trucks, especially the dump truck with an oversized trailer in tow.

You never "get doored".

You rode into the door, dummy!

Ride outside the the door zone. Don't be stupid!

Ouch! Please try a little more compassion Jeff K. I am sure you, just like the rest of us, have made a few mistakes in riding. There is a reason the motorist opening their door has a hefty fine - it's not legally considered the fault of the cyclist.

So in general, let's all avoid attacking others with words like "dummy" and "Don't be stupid!". I am sure there is a nicer way to give advice about avoiding the "door zone". Generally, it's counter-intuitive to ride the bike closer to traffic and away from the parked cars even if it is much safer than hugging the cars. 

You may not have meant this specifically for someone but someone did just get doored and many Chainlinkers have been doored at one point.

I would love a Chicago with streets setup that it's always possible to make forward progress on a bike without ever having to venture into the door zone. Unfortunately, that's not the city we live in, so I ride outside the door zone whenever I can, and I cautiously venture into it when necessary. Due to some combination of caution and luck, I've yet to be doored. I'm smart enough to recognize the luck in there. Stop blaming the victim.

You can "get doored" by a careless driver/passenger !

'They' opened the door into traffic !

Ride alertly in the bike lane !

Don't be . . . . .surprised !

Sometimes you have to choose the lesser of two evils.  On the left, you may have a car bearing down on you - close.  Then immediately in front, a massive crater that you only spotted at the last moment.  On the right, the door zone.  In an instant, you have to decide which poses the greater threat.  In these situations, I sometimes venture into the door zone.  When I do, I slow down as quickly as possible and watch carefully, but that doesn't protect me 100% from a moron flinging a door open without looking.



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