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I should probably have zoomed in to make it less obvious....  

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The Lincoln Park bike racks are not the most efficient design, and they're spaced too closely together. Just in case you want to know how to choose and install bike racks... ;)
Anne, you're very close. They may have the same racks there. This one was taken one block south, at 20 N. Michigan, directly across from the Bean.

Anne Alt said:
North Michigan Ave. in front of the Cultural Center

Michelle said:

I finally got around to snapping a pic of this bike rack. Where is it?


I passed by there today on a ride.  They've done an amazing job with the makeover of the South Pond area into a nature area.  Lots of prairie plants.  I stopped to watch dragonflies for a while.  :)

Michelle said:

Lincoln Park Farm in the Zoo Nature Boardwalk.


What do I win? ;)


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