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I am thinking of putting together a week on the bike this late spring. The idea is to take as many rails to trails style paths as possible. Area is Central Wisconsin.

So far I have read about The 400, Elroy-Sparta and Nicolet trails. Ideally, I would take the Amtrak/Metra to some drop-off spot and get going north and west. 

Any ideas or suggestions on connecting trails so as to make this longer than a one-day ride? I am not averse to riding on country roads but prefer the safety of the R2T type paths.

Also, if you have done something like this and can chime in on the do's and don'ts, I would appreciate it.

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I suspect it has to do with the length of the platform.

Shorter stops allow for passengers to get on or off but then the baggage car is outside the platform. I've been to Wisconsin Dells (without my bike!) and it's like that.

Thanks Elwood. I just accepted but missed the message. Shoot me a note when you can and we can catch up on the topic.

I would post your question on the crazyguyonabike forums, as there are a lot of people with experience there. In particular, there's a rider named Ron Wallenfang who has posted about riding to every county in Wisconsin, so he probably has plenty of knowledge to share. A cross country route with over 50% rail trails.

Thanks, I read the article and saved some of the links. 


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