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This summer (July 18 - August 28), Moving Design will bring together 30 of Chicago's most talented and passionate designers, artists, and educators to change the culture of communication on the issue of bicycle safety.


Moving Design will create thoughtful, creative, and powerful public interventions, informed by the research and advocacy of Active Transportation Alliance and input from local stakeholders and decision makers, to activate discourse on bicycle safety in the Logan Square community. 


Today, we are calling on 30 designers and artists to bring their passion and creativity to bear and help launch this issue into the public consciousness.


Please visit for more information and to apply. Note: the application deadline has been extended to Friday, July 8. 


We look forward to The Chainlink community's participation and support in this effort. Please feel free to reach out with ideas and insights. 


Moving Design is a coalition of designers and artists, working with community partners, leading initiatives that inspire change through the power of design. We use creativity as a catalyst for change, moving our community to action.


The 2011 Moving Design initiative is made possible through the generous support from TrekThe Elements Group, ReBuilding ExchangeArcheworksREIMCA, and VSA Partners.



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We are very excited about this and hope some Chainlink designers and artists will be involved!


All of us at Active Trans, via Ethan Spotts


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