I've been heading to the Montrose sledding hill in the morning to stomp up a litle hill-age. Pre-work 6 AM. It's not the best hill training ever, but it's a hill. I'd probably train harder if someone would come ride up and down the hill with me. Anyone? ...Anyone?

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I've never tried it, but I've always thought an alley-cat that has checkpoints on the top deck of several loop parking garages would be cool.  (No elevators allowed!)


Some of these garages are 14+ stories tall.  That's a lot of climbing. 

I'd bust out the road bike for that. Sounds like a weekend exercise. I would not want to be all grimy when I show up at the office.  Still I'll be out on the Montrose hill next week if anyone wants to keep me company and gain some altitude.


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