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Finally got a picture of the motorbiker who's been stinking up the lakefront trail.  I've been blasted by his cacophonous cloud at least half a dozen times this year, so I became a bit cap't Ahab about catching him.

Had a brief conversation about how he's welcome to bike (him: "#%^$@&"), or use electric assist (him: "#%^$@&"), but that gas engines aren't allowed on the trail (him: "#%^$@&") or it would be full of them (him: "#%^$@&"), and about the impact he's having (him: "#%^$@&") on thousands of others in his wake of smog and noise (him: "#%^$@&").

I'd guess he imagines he's cleverly found a loophole around his DUI license loss.  Next encounter, I'm calling cops.

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I saw about five Moby's this weekend. There's even this guy the cops are looking for.


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