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I guess that as you get older you start noticing things a bit more frequently.  I moved into a house in the "far" Western suburbs ten years ago.  Being a biker myself, right away I noticed an elderly gentleman with a beard, wearing UI baseball hat, riding through the neighborhood on an older brown Trek touring bike, usually pedaling at a very slow cadence.  I'd see him other places, as well, not only as I drove but also biked around the Western 'burbs.  And the weather didn't make any difference - he'd be pedaling along slowly rain or snow.  Riding on the Prairie Path once, flagged him down to chat and ask him a few questions.  He was friendly enough and answered everything I had asked, but he was a man of few words and then he was gone.

Well, now he appears to be gone completely.  I don't think I saw him at all this year and certainly haven't seen him lately.  If anyone out there has seen someone resembling a rider like this, maybe knows who he was, and what his latest condition might be, I'd sure like to know about it.  I miss seeing him.

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"he was a man of few words, and then he was gone". George, it sounds like something that we may all have to face one day. Keep his spirit alive ! Ride on ! Keep pedaling ! And, see you down the road !


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