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Mini Abe's too damn photogenic: Help pick a photo to promote US Bike Routes

Trails for Illinois is the state's coordinator for new US Bicycle Routes, the Adventure Cycling & AASHTO initiative to create a national network of  signed bike touring routes.

Adventure Cycling's asked us to get a photo along the pending routes, US Bicycle Route 36 & 37, which loosely follow the lakefront, for their media release in early June. So we borrowed Mini Abe from Illinois Office of Tourism and took a bunch! Because hello, we got Mini Abe!

Help us choose one. View the pics:

And tell us by picture number which is your favorite in the replies below. More info posted to our tumblr:

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What's the deadline?
Friday, 5 pm, Julie.


"A house Divvy-ded will not stand on a crowded El when they can ride instead":

Thunder Snow said:


The winner:


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