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Alright folks, here it is

Alright, the long-awaited Chicago-Milwaukee ride that all the kids are abuzz about is here. Milwaukee 1.0 back in April was a smashing success this will likely be the last Milwaukee ride I host before I move back out to Boston so let's make it snappy, eh?

There will be two categories:

racers and rollers (everyone else.)

First, the rollers. this is a social and fun ride so no one should be daunted by the 80 mile distance. If you can ride 25 continuous miles, you can definitely ride up to Milwaukee with us. The route largely follows amtrak/ metra routes so if you get ill or something there's plenty of bail points, which we will map out for you. Basically, if you're a first time to milwaukee (or first time distance rider) all you have to do is show up at the start with a functioning bike and we'll do the rest, I'll post route maps, bail points and suggested rest stops in this link. Invite your friends, the more the merrier!

We will leave Chicago at 7 AM. That means we will meet at our mass start (the starbucks at 5300 n clark) at 630. We will end the ride at Palomino's pub in Milwaukee for beers and fried pickles/lunch (veggie-friendly) Also, I will call ahead and reserve us some spots at the sprecher brewery tour for those who are interested. Hopefully, some of our milwaukee brothers and sisters will amtrak down from milwaukee friday night, crash in chicago and ride up with us saturday. Also, hopefully others will meet up with us IN milwaukee for bike-related hijinx.

RETURN TRIP: If you're really intrepid bike back. failing that amtrak service to chicago is like 20 bucks (plus a fee for a bike box, which they provide)

racers: New for milwaukee 2.0 is the racer category. If you like to roll light and fast let's have a friendly competition. Everyone who wants to race will chip in a predetermined amount into a pot, pot is won by first person to palominos (I think we should all follow the same route to keep things sporting but would be amenable to a "whoever gets there first by whatever route they want" style as well.

My summer is almost totally booked up, so I propose July 18th.

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Hi all!

Just so you's knows, I'm currently planning a bike trip to Milwaukee on Friday, 18 September, to join in on one of a Brew City Bike Tour. The current plan is for two tracks:
- ride up on Thursday evening, camping overnight at Illinois Beach in Zion
- Metra/ride early on Friday morning

I personally will be traveling onward from Milwaukee and not returning until Sunday or Monday. Right now, I've got three people in -- but if I can get one more, the tour's cheaper. Any takers?


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