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Does this ride still happen - and if so when is the next one planned for?

I left Chicago a couple of years ago and am well overdue for a visit. This was one ride I'd always wanted to go on but missed for various reasons during the several years I lived in Chicago - would be great to combine a visit with this ride if at all possible...

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Discontinued/retired ride. I believe. 

Unfortunately MM is rather defunked lately.

Hopefully we can get it refunked again soon.

Uhh.  We haven't had one for a while. A Lotta folks decided to do things like sleep normal hours and have babies. But. I think July is high time for us to Ride.

Glad to hear of your interest.  Ride died a couple years ago due to lack of interest in leading by more than one person.  Ride may indeed be refunked at some point but not until after July 1st.



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