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This was a ride of epic proportions, and I have the photos to prove it.

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I spelled are wrong. maybe it was a combination of awesome and magnificent.

Kelli said:
These pictures awe magnificent
Man these make me mad I didn't go. Looked like fun
Andrew, will ya post your video of the proposal here??
I am proud to say I was one of those bare asses!
Looks like a really fun ride. The photos really capture the spirit of the event.
I don't see any Slingers at the Diner Grill!
Corned beef has across the entire counter top! I can't wait for the next Marauders ride and ending up at the Diner!

Chris Hainey said:
I don't see any Slingers at the Diner Grill!
Cross-posting from MM group:

PJ / JJ proposal during Midnight Marauders ride.
Surprise proposal (after two years) during the July 17th "Slow Children, at play" Midnight Marauders ride. 3:22am. Low-fi iPhone 3G vid app, but it's something. Turn sound way up, gets good at the end. Mazel Tov!

In the video a camera flash can be seen going off at 02:14. Who took that photo and why is it not here yet?
also, Andrew did you know before you shot this?


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