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McGrath Lexus/Acura Truck Driver Parked in Elston Bike Lane Chased Me with a Crowbar

So this was exciting! Riding home from work tonight I was surprised to see a vehicle delivery truck parked in the southbound Elston bike lane adjacent to the McGrath Lexus/Acura centers where previous issues have occurred and been discussed in the forum here.

When the driver saw me stopped behind his truck (myself in the bike lane, with my bike) he became immediately confrontational and charged at me with a long crowbar in hand, raised above his head, clearly indicating his intent to attack me with it. I made a prompt departure and have reached out to McGrath, including photos and license plate info. I’ll keep you guys informed if I hear from them.

Feel free to chime in if you have any thoughts, and be safe out there, folks!

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Did the folks at McGrath ever respond?  Having the complaint there is a good thing, perhaps along with the police report, and those will be important if this guy ever acts out again.  If he has previously, this is then another instance which should give somebody what they need to deal with the guy. 

In some sense, this isn't as much a car thing nor a bike thing, but more so an employee bad behavior matter, and the related tort and likely a criminal matter.  Which offers those avenues for response as well.  While it's a "something that happened while biking" and aside from the truck in the bike lane, the issue is much more of a guy behaving badly.   Another pathway perhaps:

I'm wondering if he may not actually be McGrath employee which could contribute to delays and other complications responsiveness.  He might be an employee of a trucking company under contract with either McGrath or with Lexus.  That's just a hunch, but sometimes that's the distribution model.   Ether way, he's a bad apple that should be dealt with. 

It would seem more useful to communicate with either the dealership's general manager or the vice-president,Mike McGrath. Per the dealer's website:

Along the lines of David's thoughts, for additional attention:

The Lexus Customer Assistance Center
1-800-255-3987, prompt #4  to give feedback about a dealer experience

It's sooort of a dealer experience and maybe sorta not, but it is Lexus, but they do take their brand reputation seriously. 


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