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'Mass Destruction' of Dockless Bike-Share Fleet Dooms GoBee Firm in France 2-26-18


GoBee Dockless Bike Share has decided to close due to the destruction of it's fleet.

For the full article :

"Over the months of December and January, the mass destruction of our fleet has become the new entertainment of underaged individuals, encouraged by content broadly shared on social media. In total, it is more than a thousand bikes stolen or privatized, nearly 3,400 bikes broken nationwide, around 280 complaints filed to the French Municipal Police and close to 6,500 repairs performed by our on-the-ground agents and repair partners."

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Ugh. This is why we can't have nice things.

Coincidentally, vandalism of their share cars is the reason Enterprise gave when they shut down I-Go in Chicago last year, it's not just France. 

About I-Go, I've wondered how much of their claim was legit, and how much was blowing up a small number of incidents into an excuse because Enterprise was doing a crappy job of it.

I agree with Anne Alt about being suspect about I-Go.  They got vandalized, but Zipcar didn't?

Same question.

I-Go/Car Share and ZipCar have 'docks' of their own, though, and aren't as hard to grab and abandon as a bike.

Plus Enterprise still runs car shares in other cities.

Another argument for the failure of dockless bicycle$.


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