...including elimination of the northbound bike lane, starting tomorrow:



The lane normally is blocked by parked vehicles anyway, but the article indicates that they're making a corresponding change on Clinton.  The long-term plan for Canal looks...interesting.

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The plan is for new north-south bike lanes there to connect with new lanes on Washington and Randolph to create a network of protected lanes so it's easier to ride in and out of the Loop.

I live near here and Canal is a thrill ride to bike on weekdays. I hope the new Clinton lane also connects with Kinzie.

The new bi-directional bikelane (think Dearborn) will run from Fulton to Jackson.

My Union Station adjacent building sent out additional info including a primary source http://chicagolooplink.com

And summarized:


Work is scheduled to begin this week on the Union Station Transportation Center, located just south of Jackson, between Canal and Clinton. Lane restrictions will be implemented by rush hour Friday morning on Jackson and Canal.


The Loop Link construction continues on Washington. Pavement removal moves forward between Wacker and LaSalle. New pavement has already been completed between LaSalle and Clark.

The nearside LaSalle CTA bus stop moved to the middle of the block between LaSalle and Clark.


Pavement removal and replacement will commence next week on the block between Wabash & State.

Progress continues on Madison from State to Dearborn. The new BUS ONLY pavement was poured recently. Work on the new bus platform will start in the next couple of weeks.

It is anticipated that some utility adjustment work will begin in the next week or so just west of the LaSalle intersection.


The construction on Clinton also moves forward with traffic signal work at various corners.


There is a new video which outlines the features and benefits of the Loop Link project.
Please take a few minutes to watch it:



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